Renata Pereira Lima (b. 1994) is a Cuban / Brazilian artist - choreogrpaher.

As an arts podcaster, artist and advancing choreographer, Renata’s interest in art is embedded at the intersection of movement research, performance art, time-base work, archival studies, digital practice and new media.  

Renata’s archive consists of images captured acorss the world. Specifically on her Olympus Stylus Mju Point & Shoot Camera and on her latest toy, a discontinued Fuji Passport Photo Camera.

Renata´s images are concerned with isolating choreographic moments in everyday behavior. In habitual, quotidian patterns and routines such as shuffling across the street or observing the metronomic nature of wind-shield wipers. Renata makes light of the natural and unconscious choreography of human movement and human decision making. Her images overall pushes the limits of choreography into the domain of photography.

Aside from choreographing and editing her own body of work, Renata hosts, The D. Word, a podcast that dives deep into the dialogue of dance and splits her time between Mexico and New York as a model, performer, choreographer and dancer.

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